Poker Statistics

Welcome to the poker statistics site. We have programmed a poker simulation script in python and have generated a wide range of statistics. These statistics can be accessed by card and by type of statistic. Use the menu on the left to navigate the site. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact the webmaster/programmer at (webmaster at

The script has been tested thoroughly for accuracy. Over ten million test hands, the script came very very close to theoretical probabilities for receiving a pair, trips, straight, flush, etc. in a five card hand. All of the statistics are generated with a minimum of 10,000 hands per statistic. This gives us a significant number of hands, so we can expect accurate probabilities. More statistics are on the way, but they take awhile to program and run. To generate a statistic for each starting hand(10,000 hands for each), it takes about twenty four hours on my machine, so you can imagine how the time can add up. I am however open to suggestions and will run your tests if I think it is viable and interesting

Example Pages: Pocket Aces vs Pocket Kings and Seven Two Offsuit